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Pediatric Medical Services

Our staff of Medical Professionals have seen thousands of sick children since 1974. We employ excellent techniques and apply advanced technology in an effort to quickly diagnose/treat illnesses.  All of our physicians are Board Certified in Pediatrics.

Nutritional Consultation

We have a registered dietician in our office for consultation. Please call to make an appointment if you have questions about "pick eaters", breast feeding, Gluten Free diets, poor weight gain, increased weight gain, or other feeding and nutrition questions.  Bailey Koch is a registered dietician and a board certified specialist in pediatric nutrition. She is a great asset to our practice. She will be in Lawrenceville only. 

Same Day Sick Visits

We provide an ample amount of slots in our schedule to accommodate sick visits.  During flu season, we open  our  schedule up for more sick visits.  If by chance you are unable to obtain a same day appointment or unsure if  you  really need to come in, our highly trained Advice Nurses will assess your child's chief medical complaint and offer  assistance in the most appropriate course of action which, in some cases may be to go directly to the emergency room.  Our phone lines open at 7:30 a.m. weekdays and 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Well-Child Checkups

If your child is 24 months or younger, they are most likely on a checkup schedule.  After 3 years of age, your child should have a yearly check-up.  Well-child checkups focus on health and developmental issues. These checkups are also our best opportunity to vaccinate your child against common "childhood illnesses".  If you would like to schedule a check-up, request an appointment online or call the office 770-995-0823 option 1.  If you child is playing sports you can get a completed sports form for free with your well-check.  If the form is not completed at the time of your well visit- you may have to wait 3-4 days for your physician to complete the form.

Sports Physicals

Sports forms are FREE if your child has had a checkup within the year.  Most schools require some sort of a physician's certification in order for your child to participate in a school-sponsored athletic program. Your child's sports physical will be conducted quickly and efficiently in an environment which is suitable to his or her needs. If your child has had a recent physical at GPAM, an additional exam may not be necessary. The sports physical at an outside facility does not encompass the same criteria as an annual physical.  We can complete your sports form if your child has a physical in our office within the year.  Have your sports form ready during your annual well-check - otherwise, you may have to wait 3-4 days for your doctor to complete it.

Advice Nurse Line

We have made a substantial investment in acquiring highly trained registered nurses with acute pediatric hospital experience.  Our Advice Nurse Line is always inundated with calls since they provide such an invaluable service.  Please feel free to call on our Advice Nurse line if you are a current patient.  (Option # 6 on our telephone line) The Advice Nurses follow Barton Schmitt protocols and are in direct contact with our physicians via email and phone to always keep them abreast of your child's needs. Our nurses will not give advice to children not our patient.


The last twenty years have seen many of the "childhood illnesses" greatly diminish in this country. This is mostly due to the development and expansion of a strong childhood immunization program through such entities as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Centers for Disease Center (CDC). Please see our immunization policy and visit our Immunizations page for more information.

Forms and Fees

We will be happy to complete your sports form at no charge if your child has had a regular annual checkup. Bring your sports form with you to your check up visit for faster completion.  Otherwise, please give our providers 72 hours for completion of these forms.  Forms needed within 24 hours are subject to a fee.  Other forms for Katie Beckett or FMLA for parents are completed for a fee of $25.00 per form.

General Forms

We will provide you with forms needed for your child to enter school, please call and leave a message on our voice mail. Call 770-995-0823 Option 4. We should be able to put these forms on the portal to save you a trip to the office. If your child is out of school because of illness we will provide you a school or work excuse for that illness. All Immunization and Hearing and Vision forms needed for school are completed FREE.

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