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Part of taking care of your child is building a trusting relationship in sickness and in health.  We want to be your source for reliable, evidence-based information for your child’s health and well being.  You can call (770-995-0823) for your well-check appointment or request an appointment online.  Our schedulers work hard to make sure we are available in a timely fashion during sickness, and we strive to be able to see your child on a same day basis whenever possible. Our new scheduler  "app" will give established patients a quick access for “sick visits if needed.

We discourage the use of retail-based clinics and urgent care centers, because we feel they are not equipped with the knowledge of your child’s history when they make their diagnostic decisions.  There are many situations where a child’s behavior problem or earliest symptom of a chronic disease is found incidentally at an ear check or strep throat check.  If there is a time when a visit to an outside clinic is necessary, please call during business hours and let us know so we can arrange appropriate follow-up if needed.


Gwinnett Pediatrics believes strongly in prevention of illness and disease.  Regular checkups allow our providers to track growth, development, and any potential signs of early illness.   A checkup will involve measurements of your child, a review of family history, potential lab work, thorough examination, vaccines, and time to answer any questions you have regarding your child’s health.

Lab Results

If you need results of your lab tests from outside the office use our portal. Our nurses will send all lab results to your child's portal - so be sure to sign up to get results of labs performed outside the office.



Seeing a child’s development from a newborn to young adult is one of the most rewarding experiences as a parent and a pediatrician.  There can also be challenging moments during that progression as children start to test their independence and find their identity in the world.  

At each checkup we will ask questions to help us to tell if your child is on-track in their development.   Development is usually grouped according to the following categories:

  • Gross Motor   (sitting, standing, walking)
  • Fine Motor   (stacking blocks, scribbling, drawing)
  • Speech/Language  (babbles, talks)
  • Social  (smiles, plays with others, gets self dressed)

As children get older, the social development plays a very large role in their well-being.  We have many books at our bookstore to assist parents with behavioral issues throughout a child’s life.

If you need nutrition advice for your toddler this article written by Dr. Smiley will help.

Dental Health

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has information for parents and also hints for helping children take care of their teeth.

Vaccination AppointmentVaccines

Vaccines have revolutionized the field of pediatrics, and have increased life expectancy more than seat belts!  We believe that a healthy child starts with complete vaccinations. Please see our vaccine page for further details on our vaccine schedule and informational links.  Our physicians believe strongly that every child should be vaccinated.  We will ask parents to find another pediatrician if their child remains unvaccinated greater than 6 months.






What to expect at each visit:



Vaccines Needed


Newborn Hep B (if not done in hospital)  
1 month Hep B  
2 month (Dtap, IPV,Hib)*, Prevnar, Rotavirus  
4 month (Dtap, IPV, Hib)*, Prevnar, Rotavirus  
6 month (Dtap, IPV, Hib)*, Prevnar, Rotavirus  
9 month Hep B  
12 month Prevnar, MMR Hematocrit
15 month (Hep A, Varicella)**  
18 month (Dtap, IPV, Hib)*  
24 month  Hep A  
30 month    
3 Years    
4 Years   Hearing/Spot Vision
5 Years  Dtap, IPV, (MMR, Varicella)** If not given at 4 year checkup Hearing/Spot Vision
6 Years   Hearing/Spot Vision
7 Years    
8 Years   Hearing/Spot Vision
9 Years    
10 Years    Hearing/Vision
11 Years  Tdap, Menactra, Gardasil (Gardasil series of 3 vacines) Lipid testing
12-20 Years  Menactra given 3-5 years after 1st dose  Vision (12 & 15 yr)

*DTaP,IPV,Hib = Pentacel

**MMR,Varicella = Proquad


Dtap: Diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis
Gardasil Human Papilomavirus (HPV)
Hep A Hepatitis A
Hep B Hepatitis B
Hib Haemophilus Influenzae
IPV Polio
Menactra Neisseria meningitidis/Meningococcus
MMR Mumps, Measles and Rubella
Prevnar Strep pneumoniae
Rotavirus Rotavirus
Tdap Adolescent/adult tetanus & Pertussis booster
Varicella Varicella Zoster/Chicken Pox


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