About Your Medical Records

Pediatric and adolescent patients of GPAM receive the added benefit of electronic medical records. Unlike paper charts, restricted to a single physician office, electronic medical records can be accessed from any of our GPAM locations. Parents enjoy the benefit of knowing that regardless of the pediatric location the examining physician has access to a full medical history of their child.

Items stored electronically include such things as: medical history, allergies, medicines prescribed, vital signs, laboratory reports and the results of each pediatric/adolescent exam. Use of this approach to your child's medical records allows the computer to "flag" us to open items such as incomplete immunizations, referrals to specialists and allergic reactions to various medicines. This technology also allows us to scan support information (such as visits to various specialists) into our database so that the information becomes a permanent part of your child's health records.

We will be happy to send a summary and pertinent information to another physician caring for your child.  If you wish to have your entire record for personal use, there will be a charge due prior to sending records.  This charge is based on Georgia Law. Click here for rates.

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